Modulating autophagy to treat CV disease

Brought to you by the Fondation Leducq Transatlantic Network of Excellence

North American CoORDINATOR:

Junichi Sadoshima, MD, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine
Executive Director, Cardiovascular Research Institute
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Jersey Medical School
185 S. Orange Avenue, MSB – G609
Newark, NJ 07103, USA

North American Core Members:

Ana Maria Cuervo, MD, PhD
Professor of Developmental and Molecular
Biology, Medicine and Anatomy and Structural
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Chanin Building, Room 504
Bronx, NY 10461


Richard N. Kitsis, MD
Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology
The Dr. Gerald and Myra Dorros Chair in
Cardiovascular Disease
Director, Wilf Family Cardiovascular
Research Institute
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Forchheimer Building, Room
Bronx, NY 10461


Beth Levine, MD
Professor of Internal Medicine and Microbiology
Charles Cameron Sprague Distinguished Chair
in Biomedical Science
Director, Center for Autophagy Research
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
UT Southwestern Medical Center
5323 Harry Hines Boulevard
Dallas, Texas 75390-9113


Luca Scorrano, MD, PhD
Director, Venetian Institute of Molecular Medicine
Chair of Biochemistry
Department of Biology
University of Padua
Via G. Colombo 3
35121 Padua, Italy

European Core Member:

Guido Kroemer, MD, PhD
University Professor and Hospital Practitioner
University of Paris Descaetes
UMR1138 équipe 11
Centre de Recherche des Cordoliers
15 Rue de l'École de Médecine
75006 Paris France


Kinya Otsu, MD, PhD
British Heart Foundation Chair of Cardiology
King’s College London
The James Black Centre
125 Coldharbour Lane
London SE5 9NU


Judith Sluimer, PhD
Assistant Professor
Maastricht University Medical Center
Dept. of Pathology
P.O. Box 5800
6202 AZ Maastricht, The Netherlands